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If you’re looking for a loving companion
a Golden Retriever is the dog for you!

We receive inquiries about our puppies on a daily basis, having puppies is not an exact science,  we are dealing with mother nature. Not every pregnancy takes, and the puppies sexes and colors are entirely out of our hands.

We accept deposits on puppies once they are born.

The puppies are chosen once they have been examined by our veterinarian.

Puppies are chosen in order of deposit.  

They stay with us until they are 8 weeks old so they can prepare for their new adventure.

We update the site regularly, we suggest if you are interested in placing a deposit on one of our puppies email us or call us once the litter is born.

We do not have an ongoing list, people can and do change their minds by the time a litter arrives. So please feel free to contact us as many times as you like. We do our best to answer emails in a timely fashion. Puppies are not listed as sold until deposits are taken.


General questions about our puppies are welcome anytime  deb@sunsetgoldens.com


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For information about any of our litters please feel free to contact me:


Holly & Diesel Puppies Born

December 30, 2018   7 boys  4 girls

3 Boys Available!

These Puppies will be ready to go home after Feb 24th

American / Creme Litter

Click HERE for puppy pictures