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“Making a Difference” with the Comfort Dog Ministry / Disaster Relief


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Enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and social impairments.

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LLC  Comfort Dog


Their work with dogs and autistic children is amazing.



I just wanted to give you an update on Bennett and Journey.


They are the best of friends! Today, Journey went for her hip test and everything came back excellent. Journey will be moving in with Marlene and the gang to begin harness training immediately. Bennett told me last night, "I will sure miss Journey when she is gone. But I will be so happy when she comes home. And mom, she will have her handle so I won't need to hold your hand anymore." It amazes me what this little guy thinks about.


We have been so blessed by adding Journey to our family. I just want to tell you that words can never express what your generous gift has done for my son. You hold a very special place in our hearts.


Thank you again, Love, Amy Lehman

Joey and Krypto

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Many of our puppies have been trained as service dogs and comfort dogs.

Here are the organizations we support and some of our wonderful service dogs.

We at Sunset Goldens appreciate all the time and hard work these admirable people have invested in our babies so that they can show their true potential.

For us, dogs helping people is why we chose to breed these loving dogs.

Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs
Custom Canines

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Providing service dogs to children and adults with mobility disabilities

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Mid America Service Dog Foundation

MidAmerica Service Dog Foundation


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To see the award winning video Wags “N” Tales about our Maggie and Addie and all of the LCC Comfort dogs

Changing People's Lives 4 Paws At A Time

New recruits Finley and Clancy

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Custom Canines


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Independent Dog Owner/Handler Teams

People and dogs working together as a team to brighten someone’s day

Josie and her owner Sue

Honey and her owner Pam

Sedona and Lori

Canine Therapy Corp. Volunteers

Wildcat Service Dogs

Helping students help dogs help people. Together, one paw at a time.

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Wildcat Service Dogs



Harrison   -   Booker   -   Comet




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Endeavor for Autism

Providing a helping hand to those with Autism



Anna  -  Molly  -  Dexter


Our mission is to save the lives of our country’s veterans through the connection, love, and support of specially trained dogs.

1Pet 1Vet

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See one of our puppies get placed with his Veteran on Windy City Live!

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Sunset Comfort Dogs 2016 updated.pdf


Buster and Amy

Pawsitive Therapy Troupe

And Hinsdale Humane Society Therapy Group

Allison and Addison

Pet Partners Therapy Group


Caring Canines


Edward/Elmhurst Therapy Group


Thomas and Bodie



To read the

article about

Thomas and Bodie

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