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Here at Sunset Goldens we are not a breeding kennel facility.  We are a network of friends sharing the same philosophy that dogs, breeding or not, deserve to live in a loving home.

 You may see many female dogs listed on our site, and although many share the same ancestry, they all live with families full time. Some litters are whelped in their home while others come here to my home to whelp and raise their puppies.

I began my journey with this wonderful breed over 30 years ago. I truly enjoy helping to raise happy, healthy well socialized puppies for families to enjoy. Our puppies are not strictly family pets, many have become ambassadors for the breed by being part of the foundation for the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Program. Others have been raised as therapy dogs and service dogs, helping people with disabilities.  

We believe a good mom is a happy mom and we think it is reflected in the relaxed, playful attitudes of our puppies. 


We are located in Villa Park, Illinois. If you have any questions about my dogs please contact me at [email protected]